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Manouchka Charles is a speaker and Pastor who is passionate about sharing the word of God with people of all ages and backgrounds. She is always bringing joy and hope to those around her. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Manouchka is now a part of the Pastoral Staff at VOUS Church in Miami, FL. Being a part of this community has made her faith and leadership grow as well as push her to who God has called her to be. 



Transformation Church, Tulsa

Hey I’m Rohn and I’m here to help you take your creativity to new depths and help creatives understand their stride, style, and voice! 

I've had the opportunity to help some of your favorite churches make content that reaches millions of people and leaves a lasting impact on how people understand church and the bible and taught creatives how to do that for themselves and their churches —  your friendly neighborhood creative.



Asa is a beauty, faith and lifestyle creator and host focused on advancing conversations around helping influencers maximize their full potential, land the partnerships they deserve and lean on their faith along the way. She currently serves as an Account Executive at LTK, the world's largest contextual shopping app and is the founder of Beauty and Becoming, a community centered around wellness, beauty and becoming in your twenties.


(CultureCon, the Motion Picture Association (MPA), SheaMoisture, LTK, Stadium Goods)

DP Jolly is elevating visuals for the creative— one capture at a time. The Brooklyn-born and NYC-based creative entrepreneur specializes in all things photography from capture, to curation, to producing the final product. 

DP’s keen ability to master versatility with his craft has placed him in a league of his own. From portraits to products and events, he’s worked with notable brands including CultureCon, the Motion Picture Association (MPA), SheaMoisture, LTK, Stadium Goods and more.


Beyond the lens, DP Jolly is driven by a profound sense of purpose. His soul passion lies in reminding creatives that their gifts are God-given and inherently valuable to of society. Through his artistry and leadership, he seeks to inspire others to embrace their talents wholeheartedly and contribute meaningfully to the world around them.

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